Tom is a Photographer and an Instructor of both Photography and Photoshop all the while living on the family farm in Southern Ohio. Even though he didn’t start his career as a Photographer until the age of 43, his love of photography began back in the Winter of 1976 while still a Senior in High School when he bought his first SLR camera, a “Minolta SRT201”.

      The journey of life took him down many roads and away from a career in photography in the years following High School and his first Photography class in the Fall of 1977. When in the late 1990‘s while anticipating a trip over seas he bought a new Nikon and the passion for making photos came back stronger and greater than ever before. And it wasn’t until he journeyed west to Missoula, Montana in 2003 to attend  “Rocky Mountain School of Photography” that while there studying to prepare for a career in photography the intrigue of also being an Instructor came to him. “When I would sit in the classes listening too the Instructors sharing their knowledge and passion for photography with us I thought, what a wonderful blessing it would be to be able to share with others the passion and love of the art of photography that I have” says Tom. So along with actively Photographing for Business and Personal pursuits, ever sense 2005 he has been sharing his love and passion for the art of photography to date with over 900 other Photographers; ether in classrooms, giving Lectures or by leading Workshops. Tom explains “What a wonderful gift and blessing GOD has given to me! I not only get to enjoy the gift of making photographs, but also the blessing of helping others in making their own photographs!”



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